Create with Michelle from the comfort of your own home!

Arts Care's Upside Down Children's Festival

Join Writer in Residence, Michelle Young, for an interactive Upside Down Story!

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#Part Two 


Your Upside Down World Design 


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#Part Three

Here's the third instalment of Imowi's Upside Down adventure for Arts Care's Children's Festival 

Come & join Michelle to listen, draw or write your own legend based on the imaginary characters - or your own! 

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#Part Four

The ending of Imowi's Upside Down adventure for Arts Care and their Children's Festival, with help from our new fur baby Inky Diesel who was rescued from a car engine and needed a loving home 😻🙃

This also features a witty and imaginative 'If I were a bubble' poem by Jane Reader 

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#imagine #childrensfestival #inkydiesel

One for the younger writers: A Supertato Story by Sue Hendra & Paul Linnet with mischievous and creative challenges to go with it!

Soar - Creative Writing Course at The Alley Theatre


Soar - A Man, a Mouse and a Flying Machine.

Let your imagination and creativity soar as you take part in this fantastical project that begins with a story about invention and adventure.


Create your own characters, flying machine and perilous journey with creative tasks and hands on activities that embrace wild imaginations, thinkers, artists and wordsmiths.


Come along, fly with the Alley Theatre and Ink Wing Academy! Recommended age 7+.