School Projects

Available for schools to help enrich their Creative Writing, Poetry or Literacy curriculum and to help establish a culture of creativity, thinking and experimentation.

Each child’s confidence as a writer is encouraged and empowered in every project by immersing them in the creative writing process – exploring, thinking, imagining, discussing and experimenting with words, ideas, organisation, and best ways to engage an audience. The ability to creatively think outside of the box and to work collaboratively - as well as individually - encouraging transferable skills for the young minds of the future.

Each writer will benefit from tips and tricks, handy toolkits and visual aids to make their writing better. Children will be inspired by current, engaging topics and the additional use of multi-media including film and helpful apps (if iPads are available).

Projects are thoughtfully hand crafted and tailor-made for each school based on their wishes and vision, working in close partnership with teachers and staff to maximise the impact of each project.

Emotional Literacy & Wellbeing FS KS1/2&3

'Shout it Out: Let it Roar then Soar' Emotional Literacy workshops for children aged 5 - 13.

Two or three virtual interactive, hands-on and imaginative workshops designed to empower children by giving them the opportunity to explore or untangle their feelings during this time through word games, movement, art & design, stories, as well as an experiment and an interactive race focusing on positive thinking and wishes.

Tailor-made for your particular class, Key Stage or community group.

New Programmes KS2/3

Create a short story WRITTEN ON THE WINGS OF AN ORIGAMI BIRD. filled with hope and laughter, to send

to your Shared-Education twinned class MATES.


Joy. Happiness. Awakening.

A Shared Education  Project during COVID TIMES.

One-off workshops or a series for a more in-depth exploration -
you choose.
Virtual or delivered in person.

'Shine a light on resilience, hope,

gratitude, wishes and wonder.'

More of our wonderful projects include...

Image by Trust "Tru" Katsande


Explore aspects of poetry - from rhyme to rhythm, from imagery and the senses, from painting a picture for reader to reading rich examples as a poet. 

Make learning cross-curricular by tapping poetry into history, science, PD&MU, 

geography, environment and The World Around Us.

This can be a one-off workshop or a longer term, tailor made project. 

KS1, 2 & 3

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