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Explore. Believe. Write

Ink Wing Academy ignites minds. It unlocks hidden and true potential to discover storytellers, poets and each participant’s writer within.

Ink Wing Academy’s aim is to spread a passion and enthusiasm for writing through engaging, unique and quality projects within schools and the community. Run and led by Michelle Young - a dedicated and highly experienced educator whose passion lies in guiding and inspiring those who she creates with.


Tailor-made and carefully crafted writing projects promise to immerse each individual in their writing exploration. Writers are motivated with a multi-sensory approach and activities, each with a purpose, that build confidence in playing, exploring and experimenting with words - ultimately creating strong, independent and confident communicators and storytellers.

Play with words, notice their brilliance… and yours!

‘Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.’ 

W.B Yeats

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School Projects

Engaging, inventive Creative Writing projects for Foundation Stage &

Key Stages 1, 2 & 3

Carefully chosen or bespoke model texts along with film, music, images and practical exploration to inspire.


Immerse each young writer in a world of words and literature that ultimately helps to raise each child's confidence in their ability to write.

Workshops & CPD for Teachers

We are Writers!


Ignite a LOVE for Creative Writing, stories, words and reading in your school

A variety of top-quality workshops and training courses for Key Stages 1-3 that inspire and equip teachers with detailed pedagogy, progressive ideas and hands-on activities that enable continued professional development to apply in the classroom with confidence, engagement and impact. 

Community Classes

Fun, vibrant and hands on classes for young writers in the Community

Termly projects that embrace a creative theme to help develop an individual's interest in Creative Writing, creativity and thinking skills or to improve confidence and ability in writing. 

Every participant is an individual explorer, thinker, tinker, poet and writer.

“Of particular note is the current focus in KS2 on the study of the key themes within the works of Shakespeare. This project has impacted positively on the KS2 children by creating considerable interest and enthusiasm for all aspects of the literacy and language curriculum.”

Education Training Inspectorate, 2017


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