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Community Classes

Ink Wing Academy is creative outlet in the community for children and adults who would like to have opportunities to write and use their imaginations, unlocking their creativity.


Community projects embrace hands on projects planned around a particular group's needs and wishes.

Creative Writing Classes

Magical, curious and creative projects for children.


Setting and character description are explored through discussion, text and by experiencing them first hand by making it. This, in turn, leads to engaging writing or storytelling through poetry, story writing, descriptive writing and journalism. This is achieved creatively, including the use of film, animation, drama and art.


It’s all about making it fun! 

Explore. Believe in yourself. Write!

Community Groups

Many of these projects embrace Community festivals or themes such as Junior Citizenship, Identity, Well-Being or Cultural


Examples include:

Open the Book

A Door to Another World


World Poetry Day


My Chair, My Story 


Twisted...It’s Wicked!

Halloween Storytelling with Madame Zelda


Summer Fun - Wizarding Worlds


It’s Magic, You’re Magic


Examples of past projects:

Our Autumn term at Hotel Creep was a huge success! Many of our young writers got their completed stories published in an online Digital Book 'The Gathering' as part of Anne Mc Master's Wicked Words for Derry Halloween.

Well done to each and ever writer - you were WICKED to work with!


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Jennifer Maguire, Parent

Fantastic experience for any child. Recent workshop was magical! My little girl was excited to go every week and had so much to tell me after each session. Really encouraged creative thinking, independent writing, language development and much more. Highly recommend! 

Thank you Michelle for another fabulous session. My two just love it and I love it because they learn so much. Great work.

Denise Hutton, Parent

Michelle, I can't tell you how amazing my two boys found this week. I collected them from Granny and Granda's last night and they were so excited and animated when telling me everything that they did this week. The laughs, the creativity, the pets and their homes, quidditch, searching for your hidden book....great fun!

Honestly sounds like there was a great bond between them all and that can only be fostered in a warm and caring environment.

They are both inspired, in their own separate ways. Thank you for making this week of their childhood the most magical! "

Jolene Mc Laughlin, Parent

"Thanks for everything Michelle. Anna had the best week. She came home every day literally bubbling with excitement & chatter about all her amazing experiences she'd had at Ink Wing. She loved most of all the opportunities she was given to express her creativity & contribute to the group activities & discussions. She had so much inspiration from all the fun filled adventures you all had. She loved all the different mediums used when making their wands, wizard pets, lanterns/pet homes, etc. As a Harry Potter fan absolutely everything about the week was so well suited to her, but she loved her time with the group so much she said she would love to go again even if it was based on a different theme next time. Total thumbs up from Anna & myself...I think she has developed so much more confidence in expressing her ideas, in developing her creative writing skills & building on her characters from these few short days alone. Amazing!"

Stephanie Rush, Parent

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