Community Classes

Ink Wing Academy is creative outlet in the community for children and adults who would like to have opportunities to write and use their imaginations, unlocking their creativity.


Community projects embrace hands on projects planned around a particular group's needs and wishes.

Creative Writing Classes

Magical, curious and creative projects for children.


Setting and character description are explored through discussion, text and by experiencing them first hand by making it. This, in turn, leads to engaging writing or storytelling through poetry, story writing, descriptive writing and journalism. This is achieved creatively, including the use of film, animation, drama and art.


It’s all about making it fun! 

Explore. Believe in yourself. Write!

Community Groups

Many of these projects embrace Community festivals or themes such as Junior Citizenship, Identity, Well-Being or Cultural


Examples include:

A Door to Another World


World Poetry Day


My Story, My Chair 


Twisted...It’s Wicked!

Halloween Storytelling with Madame Zelda


Summer Fun - Wizarding Worlds


It’s Magic, You’re Magic


Alice in Underland - 7 & up
Delve into the classic tale by Lewis Carroll, but not as you know it.

Young writers will:

  • Create and describe Underland characters and setting in creative ways

  • Read as a writer to gather words ideas and to inspire excellent thinking skills

  • Expand vocabulary to improve writing

  • Create story boards and poetry

  • Have fun!

7 week project begins Mon 14th September, 3.30-4.30pm

Derg Parish Youth Hall, Castlederg. Cost: £65.

Celebrate in the last session with a fireside storytelling showcase at the 'Screaming Garden of Horrors'. 


Hotel Creep - 9 & up
If walls could speak...

A curious character stumbles upon an abandoned house while playing hide and seek.
Children write a suspense story bringing creepy critters and ghostly ghouls that only exist in the imagination to life in a nail-biting adventure.

Young writers will:

  • Create clever and inspired planning

  • Widen and experiment with vocabulary

  • Play with deliberate and clever word choices

  • Control short sentences for suspense

  • Improve confidence in writing

7 week project begins Mon 14th September, 5-6pm

Derg Parish Youth Hall, Castlederg. Cost: £65.

Celebrate in the last session with a fireside storytelling showcase at the 'Screaming Garden of Horrors'.



Fantastic experience for any child. Recent workshop was magical! My little girl was excited to go every week and had so much to tell me after each session. Really encouraged creative thinking, independent writing, language development and much more. Highly recommend! 

Jennifer Byrne | Parent

Thank you Michelle for another fabulous session. My two just love it and I love it because they learn so much. Great work.

Stephanie Rush | Parent

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