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Shared Education

Ink Wing Academy Programmes are a perfect match for Shared Education, giving children more opportunities to create, invent, collaborate, and write together, preparing them as global citizens.

Image by Julia Maior

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 Story Makers

Based on uniquely written modelled texts, our Shared Education Story Maker Programmes offer lots of hands on exploration, creating, learning and writing - together. Perfect for an extra opportunity to write, stretch vocabulary and to be creative.

Units include:

Wonderland (FS KS1 & 2)

The Edge of Magic (KS2)

Soar - A flying adventure (KS2 & 3)

Horror (UKS2 & 3)

Programmes are available both face-to-face, blended or via Zoom. There is also an option to tag-team create with the 'Pass It On' option where one group write one part, and the following group write the next which adds a collaborative and fun twist.

Many of our programmes fit well with Shared Education but here are our favourites in the video!

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Wizarding Worlds

Become a wizard or wizardette for a week! Inspired by Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw & Slytherin - enter a wizardy experience of our own four houses at Ink Wing Academy, created by the children!​

All children will be immersed in fun creating, designing and playing with words, out-of-the-box thinking, art & design, model making, team games, experiments and more! This is a magical and highly recommended Summer School - perfect for keeping creative minds and active bodies busy!

How will your school benefit from taking part?

Children will:

- Collaboratively widen thinking skills

- Expand vocabulary

- Write for a purpose

- Build confidence in their creative ideas

- Inspired to write

- Have FUN creating, writing and inventing

- Work and play as part of a team

- Make new friends

- Be surrounded by a warm and nurturing environment that encourages experimentation, exploration and sharing of ideas

Interested?Please email for further details and to check availability.

#explorebelievewrite #wearewriters #creativewritingNI

Image by Julia Maior
Shared Education Wizarding World StT.png

Shakespeare Shenanigans

Midsummer Night’s Dream, The Tempest, Romeo and Juliet – A programme getting to know one of the plays and its characters using techniques from the Royal Shakespeare Company along with IWA's own twist.

Enables all pupils to shine through engaging drama and writing activities.

This project begins with a Shakespeare Day at school, then the shenanigans begin… 

Character and plots are explored through drama and collaborative activities. There is also a chance to develop Creative Writing and descriptive writing opportunities enriched through movement, music, images and even rap.  

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