An emerging writer herself, Michelle is on her own writing adventure and loving it! Below are the links to her up and coming publications or an example of work that has been created by the 'wonderful minds' she has written with.



Endorsed by Jeremy Irons, A hardback collection showcasing the creative talents of writers and photographers across Ireland. All proceeds go to HSE and NHS frontline workers. Available in Bookshops on 20th November. Pre-order yours now by clicking the image!


Two of Michelle's short stories for children are within its glorious pages - The Light Bulb Boy and Saoirse & the Healing World.

Lights on the Horizon 

Welcome to Winter’s Imaginarium!

Seven young writers from St Patrick’s PS and St Caireall’s PS, Castlederg, took part in six workshops that delved into adventure stories in Santa’s enchanted Winter’s Imaginarium. Writers were full of imagination and wonderous ideas inspired by each other, images, other stories and films.

We worked on stretching vocabulary to try to bring the reader to their imaginations, painted by words. We also worked on writing with a balance of description, action and dialogue (speech). We experimented with time phrases to move the story on and thought of clever ways to end our stories. Please take a read! 

Hotel Creep Collection in

'The Gathering'

Ink Wing Academy's Autumn Term Project was Hotel Creep. Children created a wonderful variety of scary stories inspired by the idea of a creepy hotel setting.

Some of the spooky outcomes were published in the digital book, 'The Gathering', compiled by Anne Mc Master as part of Derry Halloween's Wick Words Project!

Sink your teeth into this - it truly is WICKED!


'Alike in Dignity'

In 2017, Year 8 pupils from Omagh High School and Sacred Heart College worked together on a Shared Education project. A Rural Centre for Shared Education initiative, facilitated by Michelle Young from The Pushkin Trust and funded by Fermanagh and Omagh District Council, the schools explored the story of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet in relation to their lives and the topic of diversity.

Click the image to explore the young writers' modern and quirky adaptation of Shakespeare!

Winter's Imaginarium