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Talk for Writing Training

Ink Wing Academy is passionate in the belief that we are all writers, with our own voice to capture. As a trained TfW practitioner, Michelle has gone back to her TfW roots to bring the best literacy training to schools in Northern Ireland and Donegal.


Emma Maguire, Teacher

"I value all the previous knowledge and advice/strategies that Michelle has disseminated. What an impact it has had on my teaching and the experiences in learning gained by my pupils."

Blaine Stewart, Principal

"Mind blowing compared to the system in place. You fielded the questions well, very thorough knowledge. Very passionate. I can see how this approach raises standards."

"First class! Excellent delivery! I thoroughly enjoyed looking at new approaches to teaching creative writing."

Teachers from Derrygonnelly & Killyhommon PS

"We would like to simply thank you for your time and rekindling a bit of that fire within us leaving us more motivated to light that fire in the classroom."


"Engaging and hands on workshop with lots of informative and beneficial texts and props to engage us."

"The day was exactly what I was looking for. Excellent ideas to use in the classroom."

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