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Mad About Books! World Book Day

Updated: May 21, 2023

'Books give soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything.' Plato

With World Book Day 2021 approaching, many schools are considering lots of fun things to do to help generate a buzz through virtual means. Below, I have listed some of my favourite ideas which will excite, encourage and entice little hands to open pages and to delve into the power of words and their imaginations.

Shelfie Selfie

'What is a book shelf other than a treasure chest for a curious mind?'

Teachers, take a picture of you hiding behind a favourite book in front of your bookshelf. Use a filter to make it even harder! Pupils must guess who is who across the school!

A similar and current idea is The Masked Reader where staff dress up as disguised characters and the children must guess who they are after they have been introduced and they have read extracts of a book.. Children vote for their favourite, similar to The Masked Singer. Definitely a fun one and sure to engage even the hardest to reach!

It's a Wrap

Children wrap a favourite book in wrapping paper and write a clue or the opening sentence on the front.

Can the class guess what the book is? Brownie points for guessing the author too!

Egg Box Characters

Using egg boxes, cardboard and paint or markers, children make a portrait of their favourite book character!

These look so vibrant and colourful and could be used to create an online gallery.

Settings in a Jam Jar

Children make the setting of their favourite magical book in a jam jar.

They could also take a favourite setting description from the book, even if it is just a sentence. Put it in the jar or a on a label outside it.

Challenge: Write their own setting description inspired by the author.

Let's Dine!

Children create a funky menu for a dinner party with their favourite book character.

Make one if the dishes if you like. Gruffalo Crumble or Mr Twit's Worm Spaghetti, anyone?

Capture the Quirky Moment

Children get a picture taken of them lost in a book in a weird or unusual place i.e. reading in a bath full of books or make a hut or a Book Nook!

Or, they could read to their pet or younger sibling?

Even better, they could do both!

Pen Pals

Children write a letter to their favourite book character. They could even write the reply too if they liked using different handwriting and maybe little clues like paw prints etc.

Design Time!

Your favourite book character needs a new outfit! Design their new threads and label explaining why!

Your time is precious at the moment so to help save you some time, find a document with some of these activities presented nicely for children here.

WBD Activities 2021
Download PDF • 2.63MB

Or, why not...

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Have you any other ideas? Please add them in the comments below to help inspire others.

Wishing you a wonderful World Book Day! But you know what? Every day should be a book day, right?!

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